Logistics Assistant Job at Emirates Flight Catering Dubai

Job Title:
Logistics Assistant

Sourcing Solutions (Fulfilment – Inbound Logistics)

Reports to:
Logistics Supervisor

Prepared By:

Grade of Reporting Manager:

Prepared On:
10th May 2022

Proposed Grade:

Evaluated On:
Upgrade / New Role:

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AVP – Fulfillment
2. Job Purpose: One sentence describing the overall objective of the job and, essentially, why the job exists.

Support the Fulfillment Department on all documentation aspects of import & export process which involves monitoring the upcoming shipments, on time clearance process, collection and delivery to ensure efficient and effective day to day operations.

3. Job Dimensions and Scope: The significant elements on which the job has some direct or indirect impact. It provides data which gives an indication of the scope and scale of the job.

Direct Reports:
Indirect Reports:
Impact on Revenue:
(Please Explain the Impact)

Impact on Cost:
(Please Explain the Impact)

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Impact on Employee (count):
4. Organisation Structure: Org chart for the Business Unit:
Org chart should clearly depict the layout of the Business unit. Please highlight the Manager and the Manager’s manager.

(Please provide the complete span of control in-case of managerial roles)

AVP – Fulfilment

Fulfilment Manager

Logistics Supervisor

Logistics Assistant

5. Key Result Areas: What are the critical accountabilities of the job? Write in bullet points and focus on the results that are expected from the job. In each statement (eight to ten in total), please indicate what has to be done, within which area or framework, and with what end result (e.g. “Prepare, gain agreement for, and implement, capital expenditure plans which ensure that future production/operation needs are met within acceptable cost limits”).
Reference should be made to: contribution to business strategy; planning; budgeting; operations; team leadership; team contribution; challenges; latitude for decision making etc.
Against each area of responsibility mention the measures for the end result i.e. mention the key indicators to track performance

Perform assigned tasks of generally repetitive nature of import/export documentation, maintain a record of cleared and pending invoices, charges or relevant information and custom entries filing and transactions to adhere Government compliance
Prepare customs entry documentation based on paperwork provided for the shipment while coordinating with the supplier for any missing information/documents and requests for product inspection required to ensure smooth customs clearance process
Assist the dock management process, maintain the Logistics systems by entering details to generate delivery order and process re-export system approval from Dubai Municipality portal
Record accurate shipment information into respective systems and regularly Edit the shipment information and status to track the consignments and progress to ensure on time delivery
Gather information/documents required for duty and tax refund to share with the internal departments or Finance
Identify and obtain permits, licenses and certificates required for custom clearance and general customs formalities
Assist with shipment clearance, distribution and delivery while highlighting recurring issues or customer concerns to supervisor for inputs and guidance to meet stakeholder expectations
Review and verify product details like price, weight and other labelling essentials while ensuring health and safety standards are adhered by linking food product information to its barcode

6. Job Context: A general commentary of any aspects of the job that are relevant and need more explanation e.g. current projects, operating context/environment, key challenges, economic climate etc.

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Operating Context:
Regularly interact with internal and external stakeholders, agent, and government entities.

Key Challenges:
Delays that may occur during the import/export process.
Documentation discrepancies and ensuring the same is addressed to the supplier on time.
7. Knowledge, Skills & Minimum Experience: What does it take to deliver the Key Result Areas in terms of knowledge/qualification, specific experience, technical and /or management skills, etc.? This should be based on the requirement for the job and should not be confused with the actual qualification & experience of the current incumbent.

Education Qualification:
Diploma or equivalent qualification
Certifications/Licensure related to Logistics, Freight handling or Supply Chain (Preferred).

Work Experience:
2 years of relevant experience in Import-Export logistics.
Familiarity with Government portals – Dubai Customs, Dubai Trade and Dubai Municipality portals.
Exposure with Customs and Dubai Municipality activities.

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Knowledge of shipping terms and conditions
Excellent attention to details.
Ability to work in a team and perform under pressure.
Knowledge of regulatory requirements for customs clearance.
Excellent written, verbal, and communication skills.
Ability to maintain records and prepare reports with strong attention to detail.
Time management skills.
Good knowledge in MS Office and Sourcing ERP systems

Work Level
Experienced, Mid-Level
Employment Type
Full Time

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