The Emirates Group Jobs in Dubai – Production Planning Officer

Walk in Interview, Apply for Production Planning Officer Job in Dubai, UAE  Job Purpose To supervise and organise the materials co-ordination, estimation, work pack preparation and end of check report...
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March 3, 2022
The Emirates Group Jobs in Dubai - Production Planning Officer

Walk in Interview, Apply for Production Planning Officer Job in Dubai, UAE 

Job Purpose

To supervise and organise the materials co-ordination, estimation, work pack preparation and end of check report services within production planning department. To assist the Production Planning Engineers to deliver support to the Emirates Fleet and business customers whilst maintaining the highest standards of airworthiness, safety and quality compliance.

Job Outline:

– Act as deputy for immediate supervisor and actively seek improvement opportunities within the departments and interface business units to create and deliver proactive beneficial changes to the group.
– Provide leadership, training and guidance to the reporting planning supervisors.
– Identify and take part in projects to continuously improve the Production Planning Department and improve the service provided to Operations.

Materials Co-Ordination

– Review all materials requests for the ongoing check to see if there is stock available and coordinate delivery based on order priority. Monitor for duplicate requests and cancel/adjust as required. Determine the best solution for all materials shortages.
– Co-ordinate all Ship Shop Ship(S/S/S) and repair orders to ensure they will be returned to the aircraft in accordance with the required dates per the workflow plan or substitute parts are sourced. Ensure all S/S/S parts are dispatched with all required information listed.
– Ensure all relevant stake holders are kept updated on the materials status for the check, especially any items which may impact on the workflow of the input. Provide appropriate daily reports to the Production Planning Engineers and Base Heavy Shift Manager.
– Co-ordinate with internal and External Stakeholders as required to ensure new part numbers are setup in the system, The pre-draw is delivered before A/C input, including mod kits on the dates agreed with the production team and samples are collected and feedback received.
– Review `missing items? notifications and ensure actions are initiated to replace them.
– Provide recommendations on task withdrawal based on part non-availability and lead times which do not support the check workflow.
– Co-ordinate all materials related closure actions at the end of each input including:
1. DBNU clean-up and feedback to the planning organisation for future DBNU reduction.
2. Ensure all open orders are reviewed and either cancelled or transferred to open deferred defects.
3. Review the materials spend in terms of parts, quantity & cost at the end of each input and provide recommendations on future stock levels, contingency spares orders and unusual order patterns.

Work pack Preparation:

– Ensure the management and coordination of the check work package preparation and compilation process for heavy maintenance inputs, assigned to the hangars by supervising and prioritising the teams within deadlines, from handover of a package from Maintenance Planning through to delivering to Production Support teams.
– Review the work packages received from Maintenance Planning highlighting first time tasks, critical tasks and tasks impacting production work flow plan.
– Ensure segregation of work packages into working zones/trades as per the work flow plan for proper and smooth execution of maintenance input prior to each heavy maintenance input.
– Manage work package feedback responses from EK Engineering support departments (i.e. Maintenance Planning, Configuration Management Group, Engineering Technical Services, and Maintenance Programmes) are provided to the stakeholders (i.e. Base Heavy Maintenance, Production Support Engineers and Workshops).
– Ensure safety and security of work packages, ensuring delivery and handover of the package at pre check


– Produce a detailed Estimate Report of Man-hours for each input which will support the workflow and manpower planning process.
– Highlight first time tasks, tasks with high task & access man-hours, expected defects from historical trend and other tasks impacting production work flow plan as part of the detailed Estimate Report for every check input.
– Produce Post Check Analysis per completed inputs to ensure technical integrity of the estimation is reviewed and updated in terms clocking / man-hour utilization.
– Perform defect analysis for completed inputs in terms of Non-Routine estimation taking into consideration check type, aircraft type, age, and in service issues to determine technical impact for future layovers.
– Review `Feedback Discrepancies? of Production Planning to support teams/departments of EK Engineering in terms of documentation discrepancies, man-hours, as well as initiating developmental change in AMM and other manuals of related EK Fleet.

Business Reporting:

– Produce End of Check Reports (ECR), Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and other reports as determined by BHM Management.
– Archive end of check data and monitor deviations from EK Base Heavy Maintenance (BHM) standard.
– Organize and attend ECR Washout Meetings and ensure reasons and solutions on critical issues are rightly recorded and published.
– Record the learning from the ECR process till closure, open issues followed up and actioned by the various stake holders.
– Record the hangar productivity in terms of daily and monthly available hangar staff and monitor impact of leaves, OTs and Holiday periods with the work load.
– Record the monthly Downtime, Man Hours & Material utilisation, cost and other key parameters for BHM.

Qualifications & Experience

Materials Co-ordination, Work pack Preparation & Estimation:
National / Higher National Diploma (12+2 or equivalent) in Aeronautical Engineering (Mechanical, Electronic or Avionics) or licensed on an EK fleet type.
Business Reporting:
National / Higher National Diploma (12+2 or equivalent) in General Engineering (Mechanical, Electronic, Avionics or Industrial) or Business, Process or Project Administration/Management field.
National / Higher National Diploma (12+2 or equivalent) in Engineering or other disciple appropriate to the specific workshop environment.
5 years’ experience within Aircraft Maintenance or Production Planning at an Airline or 3rd party Maintenance facility.



– Good understanding of aircraft documentation and records including Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM), Illustrated Parts Catalogue (IPC), Work Packages and Maintenance Schedules.
– Knowledge of aircraft systems, power plant and components.
– Good knowledge of MS Office applications.
– Knowledge of Ultramain system.
– Familiar with aircraft regulatory requirements and legislation.
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