September 14, 2022

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Family Driver Responsibilities

A family driver transports his employer and the employer’s family to appointments and engagements including work and school.
He drives them on evening and weekend outings. He may be required to make overnight or extended trips.
He may be required to perform duties other than transporting people, including but not limited to the delivery and pickup of goods and the running of errands.
He is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the family’s vehicle.


To become a family driver:
The successful candidate must possess a high school diploma or equivalent.
Additionally, he must possess a valid driver’s license in the UAE and has a clean and safe driving record.
He may be required to pass both a criminal background check and drug screening.
Preferably Arab Nationality
Speak Arabic and English.

Family Driver Job Description

A family driver or chauffeur is a domestic professional who is responsible for transporting the members of a family. The automobile that he drives is typically owned by the family. He may be required to work nontraditional hours such as evenings, weekends, and holidays. responsible for transporting the family members.

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To be a successful family driver:
The driver must have strong interpersonal skills, as she will be in close contact with her employer daily.
Exceptional communication skills are crucial. He should know how to operate both automatic and manual gear shifts.
He should have a keen knowledge of the streets and landmarks surrounding her employer’s home, work, and school.
He must abide by all local and state driving regulations.

Work Level
Employment Type
Full Time
United Arab Emirates

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