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To fully assist the Crew Planning Controller in all aspects and complexities of the Resource and Roster planning functions for both Flight and Cabin Crew. The jobholder must ensure that all flights are crewed in strict accordance with Company and GCAA regulations and that crew rosters are published accurately and in a timely manner on a monthly basis. The job holder strive to achieve the highest level of productivity and resource optimisation, without compromising on quality of the rosters. Crew Planning includes; Manpower Planning, Leave Planning, Pairing and Schedule Management, Training Planning and Roster and Pre-operations Planning.

Job Outline:
– To keep records of all relevant activities and provide data and information, including production of various management reports. Plan flying and non-flying activities for crew in the system. This requires high attention to detail and interaction with various departments.
– To continuously ensure that all data in crew planning systems, such as crew qualification, visa requirements, newly trained seniority groups etc. are accurate. When problems are identified report findings and offer solutions to the Crew Planning Controller.

Manpower Planning:
– Generate and communicate to stakeholders monthly crew training course plans ensuring the most cost effective solution and that operational needs are met for the fiscal year.
– Prepare Crew Planning Controller for interaction with recruitment and crew training to ensure the necessary staff and training facilities are available to meet future needs. Provide alternate plans for the most efficient way to achieve the required crew numbers without incurring significant additional cost.
– Provide manpower data for departmental updates to stakeholders to ensure availability of recruits and candidates for promotion and to allow accurate yearly budget planning.

Leave Planning:
– Manage leave for EK crew using the LASS system whilst ensuring there is flexibility in the crew numbers for short notice operating plan changes.
– Act as a focal point of contact for all Flight Crew leave queries.
– Organise leave blocks to ensure maximum availability of crew whilst ensuring all crew leave requirements are met. Agree strategy on release of short notice leave to reduce the leave bank.
– Manage the Reserve Optimization System to ensure that reserve levels are met for each months roster production.

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Pairing and Schedule Management:
– Construct monthly duty blocks for pilots and cabin crew ensuring the most cost effective solution is used whilst taking into account current policies and procedures
– Construct the pairings for the following year?s budget whilst ensuring the schedule remains protected. Adjust the pairings with each iteration of the budget and provide Manpower planning with accurate information upon which they can build establishment information for the coming financial year.
– Manage freighter schedules to ensure that the most optimal use of resources is planned, within company and GCAA regulations.
– Communicate with outstations over hotel requirements for scheduled and freighter operations. Generate transition plans for outstations when the aircraft changes or for special requirements
– Liaise with Reservation Services and Revenue Optimisation departments for the blocking of seats for augmenting and deadheading crew.

Training Planning:
– Build and distribute monthly rosters for Instructors and Trainees based on the training demand, using Training Management System (TMS), whilst ensuring trainers and facilities are accurately allocated and in compliance with company and GCAA regulations. This includes ongoing consultation with various stakeholders including Flight Training, Cabin Crew Training departments as well as respective rostering
teams to achieve the highest level of productivity and resource utilization without compromising on quality of
the rosters.
– Analyse the initial training schedule to ensure resources such as simulators, classrooms & trainers are adequately utilised and optimized. Highlight any changes required and take initiative to implement alternatives that result in effective use of resources to deliver the training demand.
– Plan the trainee program for flight and cabin crew which includes Ab-initio, conversions, upgrades and Train the Trainer by applying necessary roster rules.
– Ensure that flight and cabin crew curricula is setup in TMS in accordance to the footprint manual published by the respective training department with all roster rules and qualifications incorporated, continuously manage updates whenever changes are received.
– Setup and continuously maintain the various footprint attributes, qualifications and training records in Training Management System (TMS) for Flight and cabin crew that are required by the interfaces for various EK systems such as LASS, HRMS, ACTS, JCR, TSMS (transport) and IOB for smooth data flow to support operations and meet regulatory requirements.

Roster and Pre Operations Planning:
– Build and distribute monthly duty rosters for all EK Flight and Cabin Crew, using the company’s Crew Rostering Systems, whilst ensuring that the rosters remain within company policy and GCAA regulations, as well as taking into account crew bidding requirements.
– Adjust roster parameters to ensure optimal use of available resources and to keep rosters below productivity threshold when the resources allow.
– Audit rosters to ensure the required level of reserve coverage is planned and the quality of the reserve is sufficient to meet the requirements for covering trips in open time, as well as standby needs on the day of operation to protect the flying programme.
– Assist in managing the Pre-Operations planning functions of Flight Crew and Cabin Crew published rosters, including covering open trips that are un-crewed outside 24 hrs window, assigning Flight and Cabin Crew Stand-By and action Variable Crew Manning (VCM) for maximum efficiency in matching Cabin crew compliment to passenger ratio.
– Receive and action messages regarding Flight Schedule Changes post roster publication, and amend crew patterns in ACTS system, ensuring a logical, systematic process is followed for producing the most cost effective crew pairing solutions within the laid down mandatory limitations and company procedures. This includes all freighter and commercial operations.
– Carry out pre-operation Training Recovery activities, reacting to operational changes, sickness and training failures ensuring minimum disruption to on-going training plans.

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Qualifications & Experience
Operations.Crew Control : 5+ Years
Vocational or Diploma (12+2 or equivalent) :

– Experience within an operational environment, preferably airline operations
– In depth knowledge of regulatory rules requirements and Flight Time Limitation is essential.
– Experience with the following systems e.g. ACTS, CRS, MPPS, Pairing, TMS, TRS would be preferable
Safety Sensitive Role: No

Work Level
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Full Time
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